The eoracle Ambassador Program

Apr 25, 2024

Innovate like Edison, explore like Einstein, and execute like Elon.

We're launching the eoracle Ambassador Program! By becoming an eoracle Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in the restaking revolution. In this blog we'll cover HOW and WHY you want to take part in eoracle's journey and become an Ambassador!

Program overview

The Ambassador program is designed to engage builders and innovators who want to make a difference shaping the future of modular blockchains through the ethereum oracle. The goal of the Ambassador Program is to enable the eoracle community to educate others about how the ethereum oracle enables permissionless innovation. As an ambassador you will encourage the adoption of the ethereum oracle, and promote active engagement within the community while accumulating points for doing so.


Some of the benefits of the program include:

  • OATs/Points that translate into governance.
  • Early access to eoracle updates and products.
  • Role gated access to the team building eoracle.
  • Ethereum conference tickets.

How to become an eoracle Ambassador

Join the eoracle Galxe Ambassador Program. The OATs and points you receive in the program along with your level of engagement and contributions to the eoracle network will determine whether you become an eoracle Ambassador. With every new Discord rank, you will be able to mint an OAT as proof of participation.

Rising through eoracle’s Ambassador Discord (e)ranks: all the way to becoming an eElon Architect

The Ethereum Oracle will be community owned, and an open opportunity for all.

RoleDescriptionHow to AchieveReward
eNewThis foundational level marks the beginning of new members’ journey with eoracle. eNew’s are actively educating themselves and discovering the core elements that underpin eoracle’s mission.1. Join eoracle’s Discord.2. Claim your place in the #start-here channel by selecting the 👋 emoji.• You will receive the eNew role in Discord. This marks your first step in joining the journey of the ethereum oracle.
eEdison Novice (Illuminate)At this second level, members begin to shine a light on eoracle’s content and mission. eEdison’s illuminate eoracle’s key messages across platforms like Twitter, Discord and Farcaster. Expected to actively participate by retweeting or recasting eoracle’s updates and making sure other community members on Discord are also informed about events such as:
- Twitter spaces
- IRL events
- Product updates
- New podcast appearances
1. To obtain eEdison Novice, follow @eoracle_network on X.
2. Retweet and like the @eoracle_network
launch post.
3. Follow
eoracle’s space on Galxe.
4. Participate in Discord conversations for at least 5 days.
5. Retweet the
Dorahacks talk by eoracle’s founder.
6. Have the eNew role on eoracle’s Discord server.
• Receive the eEdison Novice role on Discord.
• Become an early advocate of eoracle.
eEinstein Builder (Theorize)At this level, members contribute regularly by teaching, creating content, and providing other forms of community support. eEinstein’s theorize about the advantages and future potential of the eoracle network.

Examples of their activity include:

- Analyzing existing content to highlight how eoracle is differentiated from other oracles, focusing on aspects such as decentralization, cryptoeconomic security, and modularity.
- Discussing how the end game for oracles is eliminating the middlemen through extending ethereum trust via restaking.
- Theorizing and share ideas that could be enabled by permissionless innovation. As new types of DApps that the eoracle network will enable, which were not feasible before.

1. Help with moderation on Discord and help new members to navigate eoracle for at least 15 days.
2. You should already hold the eEdison Novice role in eoracle’s Discord.
3. Quote retweet and like
@eoracle_network’s tweet about the problem with the oracle problem.

(Monthly contributions are required to maintain this role)
• Receive the eEinstein Builder role on Discord.
• Receive an invite to a private Discord channel with priority access to the eoracle comms team.
• Future community rewards
eElon Architect (Innovate)At this level, members push the community towards new frontiers. eElon’s exemplify the innovative and visionary spirit of Elon, consistently exploring and deploying groundbreaking ideas that advance eoracle’s mission.

Examples of their activities include:

- Designing sophisticated memes, GIFs, Stickers & infographics.
- Engaging and spreading the vision of eoracle with key opinion leaders (KOLs), communities, and publishers.
- Communicate with eoracle team, send suggestions and cooperate on eoracle’s
mission and expend it’s integrations.
1. You should already hold the eEinstein Builder role.
2. Retweet the actively validated oracle network tweet by EigenLayer.
3. Actively participate and contribute to the community for at least 30 days.

(Monthly contributions are required to maintain this role)

• All of the above.
• Receive the eElon Architect role.
• Tickets to select Ethereum conferences.

Ambassador Duties

As an ambassador, you're called upon to:

  • Champion the eoracle network.
  • Serve as a guiding light for new community members curious about the eoracle network.
  • Share content that illustrates the innovative technology and mission of eoracle through the creation of memes and infographics.
  • Craft memes that go beyond the standard templates.

Start Your Journey Now

Visit eoracle’s campaign on Galxe. Become an Ambassador and help build the ethereum oracle.